House application and other info

Gahkkorluodda fiskes

(14,5 sq)

We currently have only small apartments (14,5 sq and 40 sq) available.

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Student housing prices:

Student house:

Rent, student price (month)

Rent, others guests (month)


Lulit- Gáhkkorluodda 14,5 m2

Kr 2 550

Kr 3 250

Hánnoluohkka 40 m2

Kr 3 200

Kr 4 350

Hánnoluohkka 60 m2

Kr 3 700

Kr 4 800

Gáhkkorčorru 86 m2

Kr 6 000

Kr 7 200

Gáhkkorčorru 97 m2

Kr 6 500

Kr 7 700


Free internet
is included in Lulit- Gáhkkorluodda

For long term, you will be charged 1 months’ rent advance when you moved in.  


Short term housing:


Other guest

Price per. night

Kr 300

Kr 500

Price per. week

Kr 1 500

Kr 2 500

You may rent towers, blanket, pillow, sheets and blanket-/pillow covers:
Student price: kr 70
Price, other guests: kr 90

About SSO

The main aim of SSO is to provide good services for Saami University Colleges students according to the needs and the intrests of the students. The Welfare Organisation is administrated according the welfare guidelines. The Student Welfare Organisation – SSO is the organisation for students in Inner Finnmark.


The Student Welfare Organisation in Inner Finnmark - SSO
• Accommodation and housing
• Child care center
• Cafeteria 

Where is SSO?

The reception of SSO is located in Saami University College, Diehtosiida (in Saami: Sámi allaskuvla; in Norwegian: Samsik hřgskole).



Alta - Kautokeino

130 km

80,7 miles

Karasjok - Kautokeino  (roads 92 and 93)

130 km

 80,7 miles

Hetta/Enontekiö (Finland) -Kautokeino

80 km

49,7 miles


How to get there?

The road number 93 passes throug Kautokeino/ Guovdageaidnu. Through the Guovdageaidnu village passes a long road. Good landmark is the red wooden stave church. The church is close to the Kautokeino river in the center of the village.

When you arrive to Kautokeino/ Guovdageaidnu look for a white sign that says "Sámi allaskuvla, Samsik hřgskole" which is the Saami University College. The reception of SSO is located in Saami University College. The road goes up the hill and after 200-300 meters there is another sign that says "Sámi allaskuvla, Samsik hřgskole". Take turn to the right.

About Kautokeino
Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino is the biggest local community in Norway, about 9704 square kilometers. Here live about 3000 inhabitants and 85 – 90 % of the inhabitants are Saami speaking and third of the inhabitants are involved in reindeer herding. Guovdageaidnu is a central place for Saami education and research. Here are situated many central Saami institutions such as Norwegian Saami Parliaments departments, Saami Names Archive, Saami University College,  Institute for Saami handicrafts, Inernational Centre for Reindeer Husbandry and the Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
In Guovdageaidnu you can find northern lights, bright summer nights and midnight sun. During the religious holiday Easter in springtime Guovdageaidnu is in a very central place to be here in the Saami area. Here are several arrangements during that time f.ex. the Easter festival, Saami Grand Prix, Saami Filmfestival, reindeer races and several concerts. In addition the candidates for confirmation are confirmed in church and weddings are held.

Child care center
SSO offers children’s day care at the Gáhkkorčorru day care center. The center has capacity for 31 children, and the staff all speaks the (northern) sámi language.  Students’ children get priority, but we offer places for other children if we have available capacity.


Day care fee (monthly fee)



First child

Kr 2.450

Kr 2.580

Second child

Kr 1.225

Kr 1.290


Kr    160

Kr    200


Cafeteria found in the basement of Diehtosiida. Here you can buy cheap dinner.
Offers for Students: Meal tickets cost kr 600 and you get 10 hot food.

Diehtosiida fitness room.
Students and staff at Sámi allaskuvla can exercise at the fitness room at Diehtosiida free.
The fitness room is well equipped with varied fitness equipment. To get into the training room so you must have key that you get when you are registered as a student. Adjacent to the fitness room then it is also bastu there.

Students and staff at Sámi allaskuvla can train in Báktehárji sports in the following times:
Thursday from 19.00 to 20.00


Students and staff have the opportunity to use the swimming pool two times a week. Sámi allaskuvla and SSO has been awarded a total of 2 swimming lessons .

Swim lessons are at the following times:
Tuesdays   19.00 - 20.00
Thursdays 20.00 - 21.00



When: On  Mondays, 6 pm - 8 pm , from
Where: at the duodjistudios
What you need? A yogamat, but mats are available
No fee for students

Students have the opportunity to borrow various leisure equipment from college. For example canoes, Lavvu and other equipment. Please contact reception in Diehtosiida.
Tel. 78448400.

Student house
Students have a separate house where students can arrange different events.
If you want to know more about the offer then the student committee contacted.


Contact details

Sis-Finnmárkku studeanttaid ovttastus
Hánnoluohkká 45
N-9520 Guovdageaidnu. 

Tel:  +47  78 44 84 30


Odd Mathis Hćtta
Mobil: +47 990 33 775

Tel. +47 78 44 84 33


Child care senter
 +47 975 10 263
 +47 975 09 363
 +47 975 17 220
 +47 479 75 650 

Gáhkkorčoru mánáidgárdi
Gáhkkorčorru 1
9520 Guovdageaidnu

Administration:    Monday- Friday: dii 08.30 – 15.30.
Cafeteria:            Monday- Friday: dii 09.00 – 15.00.
Child care senter: Monday- Friday: dii 07.45 – 16.00.


Important phone numbers

The emergency number:

Police            112
Fire               110
Ambulance    113

Doctor in Kautokeino
Day         +47 78 48 72 60
Evening    +47 78 48 55 55


Day    +47 78 96 58 90       

Day           +47 78 48 43 68
Evening:     02800 

Local Psychologist service
Psychologist Services shall be a low threshold for the whole population. This means that people with mild to moderate mental health problems should be offered at local psychologist. The service is free and should be readily available (short or no waiting time).
You can contact us for various problems interaction problems in the family, anxiety, depression, trauma in the family, grief, violence and abuse (victim of or pianist), behavioral problems in children, bullying, unhappiness at school, substance abuse, loneliness, school absence.

Direct number to the local psychologist service: 78 48 73 55.
Mobile number: Anne Lene Turi: 930 95 123 and Margrethe Bals: 405 54 419
E-mail:  and

Opening hours on weekdays. 8:00 - 15.30

Telephone: 78487275/ 78487276


Address to the doctor's office:
Kautokeino Helsesenter

Sarritluodda 2
9520 Kautokeino